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Selling Your Items


No matter what stage of life you are going through, whether it be the loss of a loved one, or just moving or downsizing - we are here to help make your transition, and estate sale process as easy as possible.  We can help you from start to finish and make sure you understand the estate sale process each step of the way.  We do the work for you!



Arleen Zatopek Brennan is a retired public servant.  Her passion for arts, antiques, and collecting dates back to her childhood years.  She previously owned businesses selling collectibles, home furnishings, antiques, up-cycled furniture, and unique re-purposed items.  Zatopek Estate Sales has enjoyed great success in satisfying the needs of her clients.


Zatopek Estate Sales has a competent and trustworthy sales team who clean, organize, stage, research, and price your items to be sold.  Furthermore, the company uses the expertise of consultants to appraise jewelry or other valuable articles which require special pricing consideration. 


We specialize in liquidating personal property from homes, garages, yards, storage buildings, barns, and commercial properties. We offer complete estate liquidation services so that once the estate sale is finalized, all remaining property can be removed from the sales location.  If requested, we can also help prepare your property for sale in the real estate market.   



We can meet you at your location - Free of Charge - to evaluate your estate liquidation needs and determine timelines for work completion and sales dates. 

In short, we will do everything necessary to eliminate the burden and stress from the process, and make your Estate Sale a pleasant and successful event.  We know you have options in choosing an estate liquidator, and we thank you for your consideration.  

Call or email us today and schedule an appointment.

Arleen Brennan


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